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About Ka Re Durava Marathi Serial

It is about a young married couple, Jay & Aditi. Living in the city of dreams, Mumbai and harboring even bigger dreams, Jay & Aditi come from a middle class background and find joys in the small things of life. They believe in working hard towards their goals and are striving to make it big one day. In the daily rigmarole to make ends meet, they land in the same office where they have to keep their marriage status a secret. So when on one hand, at home they are a much-in-love married couple, in office they are no more than colleagues. Why are Jay & Aditi keeping their marriage a secret? How long will they be able to keep their love from public? Will their love find a new meaning owing to this distance? Watch Jay & Aditi’s story unravel on Ka Re Durava, every Mon-Sat 09:00 PM, only on Zee

Ka Re Durava Marathi Serial Wiki

TV serial : Ka Re Durava
TV Channel : Zee Marathi
Producer : Film Farm India Pvt. Ltd
Director : Jalindar Kumbhar
Story & Screen Play : Jalindar Kumbhar
Starting Date : 18th August 2014
Show Time : 9 PM, from Monday to Saturday

Original Ka re Durava Cast Names With Images

1. Jay – Suyash Tilak
2. Aditi – Suruchi Adarkar

Name Of Jay In Ka Re Durava – Suyash Tilak

Jay In ka re durava - DhadaKebaz.com

Jay In ka re durava – DhadaKebaz.com

A very loving husband, he is willing to face any problems only to safeguard his family and his loved ones. His ambition in life is marketing, since he doesn’t believe in working under an individual, he aspires to do his own business. Jay is willing to take any risk to ensure that his wife faces no issues, thus inspite of many obstacles that he faces daily, he faces all issues with a smile to ensure they have a happy married life.

Name Of Aditi In Ka Re Durava – Suruchi Adarkar

Aditi in Ka re Durava - DhadaKebaz.com

Aditi in Ka re Durava – DhadaKebaz.com

For her true love for Jayram she decides to marry him inspite of her rich family’s opposition. She is very loving and takes good care of not only her husband but also the whole Khanolkar Family. Situations arise such that force her to take a few tough decisions, yet she manages to successfully cross each hurdle in their day to day life.

Name Of Avinash Dev In Ka Re Durava – Subodh Bhave

Avinash dev in ka re durava

Avinash dev in ka re durava

Owner of Dev Tours & Travels, due to his different school of thoughts he has a unique rule of not allowing anyone in his organization to be married. He is a self made man with a strong set of principles. He has inherited the company from his previous generations and he is all set to take the company to newer heights.cordless steam iron reviews